Artistic atmosphere

Artistic atmosphere

Interior style

eclectic chic





Color (finish)

old bronze

A bathroom does not have to be subdued and monotonous, i.e. white, beige or grey. It can combine contrasting combinations, such as pink with turquoise and black with white. Also, do not be afraid to mix a variety of textures and patterns, stucco and lamellas, as these are what create the unique atmosphere of the bath salon. Parts of the walls in stuccoed borders, filled with pink flamingo tiles, for example, provide an unusual decoration, while black and white graphics and a sculpture-lamp create an artistic atmosphere. In the beautiful bath salon with a retro touch, the turquoise bathtub on lion's feet is accompanied by a striking free-standing Lacrima mixer in an old bronze shade, styled on appliances of the past, with cross-shaped knobs and a handle imitating an old telephone handset.

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