The charm of modernism

The charm of modernism

Interior style





bath, shower, washbasin

Color (finish)

black, rose gold/black

A modernist bathroom is all about the effect of open space and well-ordered design. One of the main characteristics of this style is a monochromatic colour palette, although uniformity in this aspect does not exclude the addition of an intense additional colour. What is quite characteristic of the modernist style are simple forms. Traditionally it is all about geometry, which, however, in today's metropolitan interiors gains more soft lines, and furnishings selected with moderation are both sophisticated and full of character. A bath salon inspired by this style combines a contemporary aesthetic sensibility with timelessness. Choosing Zaffiro for such interiors seems a perfect solution. The unique line of the spout evokes constant admiration among the users, which is also enhanced by the details reminiscent of precious stones, which, thanks to human intervention, achieve the highest aesthetic qualities.

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